Sapphire Conquer

This server was designed for a classic experience. Everything from the way spells are handled, to the damage, equipment, quests, etc. have been reverse engineered from publicly available binaries to fully emulate the classic experience (without any of the bugs!).

What makes our Server special?

  • No battle power, extra classes, spells, dragon souls, CPs, etc.
  • Exact damage calculations
  • Level 130 max, 1st reborn, and +9 items max
  • Properly implement all spell sorts and algorithms (bomb, line, collide, etc.)
  • Exact rates for items, drops, sockets, mining, etc.
  • Developed on .NET Core, runs on Windows Server
  • Tested against 1.0 Binary to ensure everything matches exactly
  • Regular Cloud based Backups so you won't lose anything if collaps
  • Custom player commands: /agi, /str, /vit, /spi (number of points) – Quick set attribute points, /myreborns, /online, /leave, /stuck, /allieschat, /resetscores, /dc, /vissualeffects – Toggle Client Side Super Gem Effects till relog, /clearinventory VIP 6 commands: /spook, /banshee, /summonguild, /vipinfo, /packmeteors, /packdragonballs
  • Revamped mining system
  • Active staff, Hourly PVP events, Daily / Weekly Events / Bosses
  • Hudge Monsters spawns for hunting / leveling
  • Purely Gold Based Economy
  • Custom messages on dropping rare items
  • Archers at reborning will get Bow with Stigma as hidden feature

What makes our Client special?

  • 1.0 Client with many modifications
  • Runs at any custom resolutions
  • Enables anti-aliasing and multisampling for higher quality
  • Increased view/jump range
  • Unlocked FPS
  • Shift-click items to sell/deposit from inventory
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved exit dialog
  • Names/avatars/guild/spells consistent when jumping/zooming in
  • Custom algorithms for showing much dropped items on the ground, precise jumps, avoid droping items to get in null spots
  • Custom Accesories / Cosmetics