How to start

First steps in Sapphire Conquer

After you downloaded / installed our game Client you shoud probably asked yourself what you have to do in the next steps, alright here are some informations which are guideing you to have a quite nice playing and issues free.

Opening & Setting up the Client

You should start opening the game client from play.exe located in main folder of Sapphire Conquer Client.

Changing Resolution

Game will be automatically starting on default resolution 1024 x 768, in this case you have to manually set the resolution (first time only, or whenever you need to change it), so you have to open play.exe then click on change resolution button, after that select your computer resolution and click save settings. After these steps you are ready to get online by pressing Play game button.

Don't forget to click "Save Settings" , after selecting your resolution, otherwise setting will not be saved!