Welcome to Sapphire Conquer!

Our server is based on custom source which offers most interacting and purely classic gameplay, with old maps, old quest, only 4 Main Classes (Archer, Trojan, Warrior, Taois), -7 DMG, Maximum +9 Composing, Level 130 and Two Reborns, without ConquerPoints(CPS), without Shopping Mall, No Batlle Power, No Mentor, No Potency, No Item Lock, Red / Black Name drop items, no Steed, no Talismans, no Pay2Win, just Cosmetics and Donations Points, OLD Jump ,a lot of classic Events, manual spamming socket, hudge monsters spawns, attack is purely 100 percent accurated calculated like tq, gems percent calulated perfectly, hard gameplay, active mining system, Super turtoise gem without having easily on reborn just getting by mining (normal turtoise), House fully fixed and able to upgrade until level 5, House events (SwordMaster Boss, which can be spawned just in house), Daily bosses ahead (TeratoDragon, SnowBanshee, ThrillingSpook, Darkdemon boss (level doesnt matter everyone hits 100.000 points), Custom Lottery System. Nobility Ranking is resetting every month, in order to give chance to all players to be in noble.


About Client

Our client is custom based mostly simple and clean but with a lot of graphics improvements, full screen feature, high fps, started from scratch with old theme features, classic effects on armours, Super Gems effects, Socket effects on adding even 1 / 2nd socket, Custom Garments , Cosmetics, Friendly interface. Flowers effects, and Queend of flowers have garments suits, sustenabilty and latency are optimized in order for low resources pc to obtain low ping and higher fps, FPS(minimum 101), Ping (Maximum 60 for USA and Maximum 40 for EU due our load balacing system for dedicated servers), Full Screen implemented on all resolutions, Custom Launcher, Custom dialogs, Fully protection on files, accounts, structures and data informations, all informations are automatically crypted by our system, client files are protected and cannot be changed, (if anyone tries to fool the system will be announced in demand to reinstall the client Attention:"You cannot change anything in client structure").


About development

Our Team is open minded for new updates, new quests and new things , we are listening players desires and opinions but not every foulness. We are able for selecting our player base , if one player is passing the limit we are able to punish him by banning, Every player request and sugggestions will be made by online tickets (on Github, forwarded by website), Don't try to ask for items for real money, or sell the items for real money because this is the main concers. Game / server development are not copied and fully open source implemented, Our server / client is fully dynamic and modifyable. Improvment exit dialog, performance improvements depends on asset. Shift / sell / deposit from inventory.


About us!

Sustained by two dedicated servers (One hosted in EU (with CPU: Intel Xeon 10 Cores, RAM: 32GB, Bandwidth: 1Gbps, located in Munchen, DE) and other one in US(ith CPU: Intel Xeon 8 Cores, RAM: 16GB, Bandwidth: 1Gbps, located in Buffalo, NY)) with load balancing system which redirect the traffic defined by your geolocation and ip, which redirect traffic to the closest server, in order for a low ping , better stabilty and more accurancy!Sapphire Conquer offers quite nice and quality services. We have the most efficient anticheat , anti-flood, anti-ddos systems. Sapphire-Conquer's data are daily backup-ed in cloud storage with file protection. Many thanks to Alexx Soryn, for developing new features and fixing some bugs!